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Meet Our Coach

She has successfully battled a chronic, life threatening illness.

Now she wants to share her knowledge to be an inspiration for others!

Tiffany Johansson
Tiffany JohanssonWellness Coach & Personal Trainer
Tiffany has battled a serious illness for over 13 years, let her help you get healthy as well.

Tiffany Johansson

During her career that has taken her across the World, Tiffany has worked as a:

  • Model in the US

  • Classical singer in Macau

  • Face character at Universal Studios Singapore.

  • Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer

Health and fitness has not only been a personal passion for Tiffany, it has also been a requirement from her employers to stay healthy and fit.

Life Threatening Illness

In 2003 Tiffany was diagnosed with a chronic, life threatening illness.

In 2010 Tiffany became sick and was admitted to a hospital in Singapore, which she was in and out of for 3 excruciating months.

Finally, she decided to move back the US to be closer to her family and friends.

The Comeback

Find out how she put the illness in check and what now sets her apart!


Our Fitness Services

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Online Training

Customized workout plan, supplement guide, weekly check-in, macronutrient plan, and questions responded to within 24 hours.

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Choose to do one or two training sessions per week, set your goals and let us help you achieve them.

In-Person Introductory Offer

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Initial Assessment + 2 training sessions.

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Our Wellness Services

Do not be afraid to fail. Be afraid to not try.

With Perfect Curl Wellness Coaching we will help you to find your goals and get you on the path to reach them!

Helping Find Clarity

The coach will support you in autonomy and assist in helping you find clarity to allow for growth.

Changing Lifestyle Habits

We can be instrumental in your success by breaking down the process into manageable steps.


Coaching can be 100% online, which makes it possible for us to work together at your convenience.

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